Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Mashup

This week was insane and the weekend promises more of the same. We have tickets to Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ fest this weekend and since Mike doesn't have school right now, it's like a bonus summer vacation for both of us.

Favorite Break: IPA day at a local pub. I highly recommend the Green Flash Imperial IPA.

Favorite Kisses: Sloppy, silly puppy kisses. Best when they knock you down. 

Favorite Outfit:
The Friday Fancies theme this week of "tshirt" had me thinking packing time. While 2 different pairs of heels definitely aren't going to work for carry-on, I DO have a black blazer and a purple bolero. 

Untitled #36

august 3rd - tshirt time
Favorite Nail: 
This hot summery red with a dose of glitter got me 
completely through NOLA before starting to chip. 
(You can see it on the pointer finger below.)
That being said, the covergirl topcoat is fab. 

Favorite Link Ups:



  1. Love the dressed up tee shirt look. That's one of my favorites. Add a pair of heels and some big blingy jewels and you're done. Voila!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Sorry, I got distracted by your AMAZING PHONE CASE! Or is it a sticker? I neeeeeeeed it. I've never tried the Covergirl topcoat but it sure made your nails shiny!

  3. the dressed up tee is great! love pairing it with wedges! & that beer looks yummo! need one stat!

    happy weekend

  4. Love the dressed up tee look as well! And that nail polish is perrrdyyyy!

  5. your nails look so pretty! hope you have a fab weekend!

  6. love that day to night look. and that color on your nails is great! i never really polish my nails because they always chip within an hour or so of painting them. drives me crazy.

  7. I love your day & night look! Super cute

  8. Is that a HP phone cover? I need that in my life!

  9. love your favorite outfit!

    have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!

  10. Love adding some sparkle to my nails ;)

  11. I celebrated IPA day at Tasty Beverage (they had an amazing Terrapin line-up!), but we're best friends with some of the Heavy Seas guys, so I'll take that too ;)