Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinteresting Travel?

Well, our traveling season is almost upon us. 
There won't be two weeks in a row where we're both in Raleigh.. 
Til November. 

I can't be walking around New York (2), 
Charleston, Savannah, London, Paris, 
Amsterdam, Home,  or DC looking like this:

Source: via Terri

So, I gotta learn

Source: via Terri

I mean, I'm not SUPER concerned about packing for any trip but Europe. 
10 days in a carryon seems daunting. 
Do I take boots? It will be Fall..
What about flats? 
Do Europeans wear jewelry? black? BRIGHTCOLORS?
If you have answers to those questions PLEASE lemme know. 

I digress, I've started looking at other bloggers packing lists and set ups:

But, don't get me started on what I'll back to keep in the seat with me, 

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Or what beauty supplies I'll take (in less than 3oz), 

Or what I'll wear on the plane?

It's time to start making some style boards I guess.

Any packing/travel advice?


  1. I really need to learn how to pack a carry on efficiently! After our trip to Chicago I don't think I'll be checking a bag again. You are going to be quite the traveler!! Can't wait to hear about all of your trips :)


  2. You will want boots... wear them on the plane to save suitcase space! (You've probably already thought of that.)

  3. those packing lists are crazy! I'm definitely not that experienced :/

  4. For London, Paris & Amsterdam you'll need layers. The temperature can vary several degrees in a matter of hours, so your best bet is some short and long sleeved tops with one or two cardigans or zip up fleeces. Also you'll need an umbrella!
    Definitely bring boots, and wear them on the flight as recommended above to save room in your case, and also some really comfy flats or converse/pumps for walking - we have some cobbled streets, so you won't want to be walking on them in heels (maybe a smarter pair of shoes/heels for evening - unless your boots can double up.)
    In London anything goes, but black and grey are perennial favourites, Europeans are much more colourful than us in their attire.
    As for jewellery stick to costume jewellery from a safety point of view, but also you can use it to alter your outfits.
    For Autumn a scarf and gloves could really come in handy if it turns chilly. At the end of the day all 3 cities have plenty of shops so you can always buy anything essential you forget to bring.
    Oh and if you don't want to annoy the locals (in London at least) please don't wear a rucksack/backpack - a nice large bag looks so much more stylish, won't make you stand out as a tourist, and is less likely to swipe a local and aggrevate them.

  5. oh my gosh you are a packing pro. i always frantically pack the night before and throw in a bunch of crap i don't need.

  6. I'm the worst packer EVER! I pack entirely to much every time.

  7. Wow - looks like you will be having some excellent adventures this Fall! <3 Thanks for linking up with us! <3

  8. Wow, I am a tad bit jealous of your travels! Love the packing ideas! Thanks for Linking up!

  9. pack flats in your bag and wear the boots on the plane...take an extra big scarf that can double as a wrap if you get chilly and layer layer layer!! :) enjoy and have fun!