Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raleigh Beer Week (And G'bye Flying Saucer!)

If there was ever a bar that was near to my heart, 
3-22-10, I met a guy there for the first time. 
"Super Casual, for a beer and some trivia"
That night I had the best first date of my life, 
followed by the only first kiss that I still remember. 
Fast forward 2.5 years, and those two kids are heading to San Jose. 

Anyway, Wednesday's  are "Keep the Glass" nights. 
Some are cool, some are generic, 
but when there are major events, say
There's always a specialty glass that Mike and I clamor for. 


This one seemed more bittersweet. 
It's a great glass with Raleigh, NC
and "America's Smartest Beer Drinking City"
on the side.

I know we can come back whenever. 
(Mike does have 15 more beers before he hits 200 and gets his plate)
There's also direct flights from SFO to RDU,
 but for some reason. 
Last night seemed like a nice goodbye to the place that brought us together.


  1. I saw this at first and thought Flying Saucer was closing. THen I realized you were moving! So glad I found your blog

  2. Ah! We didn't make it to the Saucer for beer week; we were mostly holed up at Tasty! Mike definitely needs to get that plate...and all the more excuse for more visits to Raleigh ;)