Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Update

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We packed our bags, said goodbye to this girl, 

and caught our flight up to Long Island for the weekend.
Mike's Mom and Dad picked us up at the airport, 
and took us to the BEST Italian food I've ever eaten. 
(It's in Astoria, go there now.)

We headed back into the city to catch the Mets game. 

Dickey pitched, Mets Won, Piazza Bobble heads were collected, Life was good. 

Then came -THE HUNT-

Mike and his dad have a brick. Where, is the question. 

Found It!

Then we went across to McFadden's for beer 
(and dancing)
The Right Stuff. 
Then came Mexican food

and local bands.


Mike's Mom and I went for pedicures, 

then all four of us went back to the city to see the Enterprise. 
(More on that later)

Finally, we went to a couple of friends' house for Mike's fantasy draft. 
Also, to watch Cam & the Panthers beat the Jets. 

Bright and early this morning we headed out east on LI. 

Stopped at a diner

then meandered over to Martha Clara vineyards for some Monday boozing. 

On our way back, 
after a quick stop at All-American Hamburger, 

we found out our flight got cancelled. 
So, we turned on the XM radio, 
rapped along to California Love

and headed back. 
Now, we wait for our new flight (hopefully). 
What'd you do this weekend?



  1. Found you through Weekend Update. Totally jealous you went to a Mets game, my family and I are big fans!!

    Cute blog!

  2. oh man it sounds like y'all had an awesome weekend!! the mets game looks like fun! thanks for linking up, girl!