Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Well, 2013 has come, 
and as is customary, 
it's time to get some resolutions underway.

Nothing too crazy, 
 with my 26 in 26 already underway, 

This year I will:

(1) Drink more water
(2) Meditate & get back into yoga
(3) Get a Job!
(4) Get all the Harry Potter Ultimate Edition DVDs
(5) Laugh, not sweat, the small stuff. 
(6) Slow dance with Mike in the living room more
(7) Teach Shiva 6 more tricks. (can greyhounds learn tricks?)
(8) Remember to wash my face more often!
(9) Send more handwritten mail. 
(10) Craft often. 
(11) Make the blender & juicer & crockpot have a reason for existing
(12) Print last years 365 project, and keep going this year
(13) Enjoy the heck out of the year of us.

Cheers y'all! 



  1. Happy New Year Terry! Thanks for linking up with us! I hope you're able to accomplish all of your resolutions!!!

    I am a new follower, so I look forward to getting to know you better.

    By the way I love your engagement ring, very gorgeous!

  2. Drinking more water and washing my face should be on mine too!! I am horrible at both of those! :/ Thank you so much for participating in our link up! :)

  3. 7- Of COURSE Greyhounds can learn new tricks. Phil sometimes rushes me off to work by going to his house (crate) while staring at me move around the apartment because he knows that when I leave for work he gets a frozen pb filled kong. He knows. (you KNEW I would say something to this one!)
    9- I'd be your pin pal! I've been writing Teh Stepsister letters every day since she's been in bootcamp and every day is really hard, but it's such a fun challenge!

  4. i need to teach our dog more tricks too! She hates to listen and is super weird. She won't chew the shoes on the ground, only the shoes on your feet. I wish our pups got to meet because they do look like sisters! i hope you are loving Cali!


  5. Nice stuff and I will be watching you. Laugh often