Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Morning.

Christmas Morning, we had a flight back to SJC, 
but we had Christmas Eve Morning. 
After biscuits & gravy, of course

Here's some of the sights, smiles and gifts. 

"A Spoiled Rotten Lab lives Here"

Remember our cute stocking? 

It had a HILARIOUS book "I Could Pee on That."
Poems from a cats perspective are hilarious.

Dad and his Earnhardt magnets. 

Mom & her baublebar baubles :) 



and MORE books!

Mike's really excited about his new.. 


and I was super excited, 

about my new bling :)

Dad and the ever-elusive steering wheel cover. 

Mike's speaker..thing..amajig.

Mom's coveted calendar!
It's really the only thing she asks for..

New pretties.  

excuse my awesome legs..

We ended up spending a good majority of the day having dramatic readings 
from the cat pee book. Obviously.  
the range of faces = awesome

Check back tomorrow for the iPhone pics from our short trip home, 
and thank you for allowing me a glimpse back to the holidays. 


  1. The photo of you laughing is hilarious (in a good way!)

  2. I love your dramatic book reading face.

    Cute sweater!

  3. I think the very last picture is my favorite.

  4. I have to agree that my favorite picture is of you laughing! You can tell you had a great Christmas (eve) morning :).