Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday & NYE

This year, Mike and I had a SUPER fancy NYE.

High Rollers!

I wore my finest,
  (which happens to tie into my resolution to turn off my phone and relax more)


2013 by teeller featuring cotton shirts

I painted my nails
Julep Isla & Vivien

then we got the fun started. 

Starter his and hers drinks were made, 

and Panda Express was our fancy dinner. 

We decided these were our 2013 fortunes, 
and were pretty content when we opened them. 

 We had homemade cookies & then ice cream sammiches for desert, 

 while we played Mario Party, 

then we cracked open the champagne!

We ate our Save Me, San Francisco chocolate

and donned our glasses. 

Lemme tell you, the ball drop isnt that exciting when it's 
and you got "HAPPY NEW YEAR" texts at 9pm.

It was a good NYE, however, 
and especially welcomed after our weeks of busybusybusy!
I think it would be really nice to remember to turn off my phone, 
and enjoy my company, and some wine & takeout on the couch, this weekend. 

Welcome to 2013, y'all.

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  1. First. Your ring is SO pretty! He did good.

    Second, this sounds lovely. I love that you played Mario Party!

  2. Looks like a pretty fun time! My NYE was a game night with college students.

  3. Wow the ice cream sandwiches look delicious! Glad to have found your blog - your cats are adorable!!


  4. Sounds like a GREAT time! I got those same glasses...too fun! Happy New Year!


  5. Blog hopping - love it - Happy New Year!

  6. This looks like a perfect NYE to me! And your nails are super cute!

  7. Your NYE looks perfect!!!! I hope mine looks like that next year!