Thursday, January 17, 2013

SF Tour

After we returned to the Bay Area from NC, 
Mike's family came out to go exploring!
The first day, we headed in SF to check out Pier 39, Ghiradelli, and a couple other "must sees"

behind the scenes. 

LOOK! It's our whole pet family in really expensive tile. 
Shiva, Olive, Oi

That's Alcatraz in the background..

 The next pic is one of my favorites, it just screams SF to me. 
Fishermans Wharf, Cable Car, Fog, Sunset..

Del Monte Cannery

Feeding the birds. 

We also stopped in at Ghiradelli Square.
My advice, skip buying food/drinks there, the line is INSANE
buy some of the "San Fran" chocolate to take home and check out the minitour. 
(We got a dark chocolate with cabernet in it..fantastic)

Street Performers
Sourdough sculptures!

We had a few more funfilled days that included:
wine country, 
a cable car tour, 
and a visit to a local comedy club. 
But you'll have to come back tomorrow. 

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  1. Love this! I am going to San Fran at the end of Feb and I cannot wait (I'm from the UK). me and my bf are definitely visiting alcatraz, but now will definitely be going to ghiradelli square! :)

    Jen xxx