Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Mismatch

I  kinda of miss my "let's just wrap everything up" Friday posts.
So here ya go.

I always love whenever I find myself using this mug.
It's homey, reminds me of being a lowly undergrad,
and I can always play ISpy with myself. 

Mike's Birthday dinner was a little less fancy this year, 
us being one income and all, 
but I think I still did a kickarse cake :)

So, after my Wednesday interview,
I came home and consoled myself with these.

The only other thing I acheived this week was a brand new sparkly manicure. 
I haven't used this "Mad as a Hatter" glitter in a very VERY long time, 
but I'm pretty much in love with it, and over Foie Gras it's fantastic. 

This week's Friday Fancies was all about Black and White.
black and white
black and white by teeller 
(and a pop of the awesome 2013 color of the year)

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(ps, come back later this afternoon for a post of LAST week's weekend ;)


  1. Your friday fancies outfit is AMAZING. seriously obsessed with that look. Have a great weekend love!

  2. Love the emerald with the black and white super chic!

    Happy Friday!
    World According to Shia

  3. i adore that cake - the bunting is SO cute. taking notes for my husband's march birthday :)

    i also love your nail color [& ring!] - beautiful.

    also really admiring your friday's fancies - pops of green are so on trend right now, but they're also just classically beautiful :)

  4. Love your nails. Pretty pretty!

  5. Pretty nails. :) I love that cake too...I am here from insta friday!

  6. Love the glitter!! And your ring is stunning!

  7. ohh that glitter is amazing!!

  8. That is the cutest banner ever. I love how small it is. Did you go to UNC? Hope your interview went well and you get the job. Happy Monday, Terri!