Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update


Dinner and Drinks at Santana Row

and I also got to see this super cute pic:


We headed out to Eastridge mall to get a couple errands done. 
First stop, cheesesteaks:

 Then clothes shopping for my interview this week, 
followed my getting my ring sized. 

I finally, FINALLY, got to see Les Miserables. 
I cried. 
(like you're suprised!)

We then came home, made our own nice dinner,  

and ate some "healthy" candy that we found. 


For Mike's 29th birthday, I got him tickets to the IONS 40th anniversary event. 
On Sunday, accompanied by GORGEOUS weather, we drove into Petaluma. 

reminds me of home..

We explored the campus, had some wine, and walked the labyrinth. 

There were door prizes there, and luckily MIKE WON!
Looks like we'll be driving up to Petaluma one weekend!

After IONS, we found out that Lagunitas was only 5 minutes away. 
So, OF COURSE, we went!

I'm starting to like California :)

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  1. Jealous of Les Mis! We're waiting for it to hit Raleighwood (because we're cheap like that unless its IMAX). And Lagunitas! Love it. It was a cool little place. We ended up spending too much time there which made us late to Gunlach Bunshu (which is an AMAZING winery you should check out. I think my spelling is wrong, but you HAVE to go. It was our favorite winery).