Monday, April 23, 2012


Well, I've heard about this subscription service where for $10/month, you get a little box with a handful of samples in it. So, I gave it a shot. When Mike and I got back from DC, this was on our doorstep. 


the haul
 I was, honestly, a bit disappointed by the Viva La Juicy sample, since I had already ruled it out as "too young for me." But, to my surprise..I like it! 
I'll spare you from the product by product samples,
 the Befine Scrub is awesome, the SPF 15 moisterizer is smelly and oily (and then I found it that it's expired..soooo that might have something to do with it..) 
I've never met a mint green nail polish I didn't like,
 and the Perfect Pumpkin Polish (say it 3 times fast)
is awesome. 

I havent tried the show stoppers..I dont know if I will, but I am looking forward to next month


  1. love that nail polish! my moisturizer is expired too, but birchbox is giving 100 points to those who received expired ones so that totally makes up for it!

  2. I gor laundry detergent in my box this month...grounds for a BIG cancellation. I got the Juicy perfume a few months back...and expired moisturizer...they need to get it together...doesn't Birchbox know we are all going to blog about it! ;) Good lukc with the Gossip Girl in May...I may regret my cancellation. Cute blog!! ;)