Monday, April 23, 2012

DC - Portrait Museum & Art Museum

After our drive, we made it to DC, fought traffic and landed in our hotel. 
The room was pretty tiny, but it was cute..

sorry about all of our crap already on the bed...

After we dropped off our luggage, we headed across the street to the
Smithsonian Art Museum and the National Portrait gallery.
This was the first trip that I'd used my DSLR, so there are TONS of photos, 
(that you'll see of the next few days..)

It's about ideas. 

disapproving face

The National Portrait gallery inside the Smithsonian Museum.
 I've seen these paintings in text books and it was really neat to see. 

The Museum is inside the Old Patent Office building, right of F street, and the stained glass windows, inlay and architecture was awe inspiring. 

Look Up.
Look Around. 
 There was a large variety of art.. paintings, sculpture, golden pianos, exquisite craftsmanship, I definitely recommend checking out this little beauty. 

A replica of a tomb? I just thought it was the creepiest thing ever. 

Mike trying very hard not to touch the handmade shelves
Each "state" tv was showing programming relative to the state.

FINALLY, we made it to the exhibit that we came for in the first place. 
The Art of Video Games. 

happy face
It was really neat to see all these old gaming systems that Mike and I grew up with, and seeing the progression from Pacman to Mass Effect. The whole exhibit is done *VERY WELL* so definitely go see it if you get the chance. They even have a few games that you can play while you're there. 

There was an "OMG" moment. Mike and I watched a kid half our age explain to a smaller kid half HIS age how to play Mario Brothers. We didn't want to explain to Kid #1 that we remember the game coming out in the first place...

After we got done with the museum we headed back to our hotel for their free Happy Hour. 


Cab Sav. yes, please. 

We rested up just a bit...

ok, and goofed off a bit..

Before heading towards the Metro. 
Mike wanted coffee, so we popped into the Starbucks. The barista had made too many so I walked out with a super sweet nasty drink. Free made it taste good. 
Free can do that ya know..

Sugar rush in 3..2...

We finally got to the Metro, got our tickets and headed off to...


VERY. VERY clean

teehee..I'll tell you later ;)


  1. I remember staying up all night with my BFF playing Mario Brothers when Mario Bro. 3 first came out! :) Fun times.

  2. Free Happy Hour?! That's like the best thing ever! Bless this hotel. And Mario Brothers. Obviously.

  3. I love that you mimic the paintings! I definitely do that. In fact, my brother and I once spent hours mimicking all the statues in the statue garden in D.C. (I wish I could remember its name!) Looks like fun. :)