Sunday, April 29, 2012

DC Day 2, The Capital and Lunch

After we woke up and had a quick bite, we headed back to the National Mall. 
To the Capitol. 
Where Mike made numerous Hunger Games References. 

walking up. 

tour groups are AWESOME

we're awesome too!

Mike really wanted to go inside, 


so we walked around the back 
and then UNDERNEATH to get in. 

Each state had two statues. Hawaii's was awesome.
King Kamehameha for Dad ;)

After you go through security, 
wait in the line
watch the movie
get a tour guide
line up and head off. 

You get *in.* 
Then it becomes worth it. 
the Dome

Close Up. 

Mike did this..a lot. 

Amazing paintings and murals

More Statues

Tour taking Pros!

thats not's PAINTED to look carved.
also- yay for NC's first flight!

our guide. 

Inside Statuary Hall

neat tour ..headphones?...

Lincoln wuz here.

The view. 
The Reagan statue. Which has *real* pieces of the Berlin Wall. 

Tales of ...

After we left, we had to steal one more picturesque glimpse. 
I'm really proud of my country. 

 We then headed down to the Capitol Lounge for lunch,
 and to rest our tootsies.  

preach it Ben!

burgers and beer

Happy man. 

After lunch, we headed straight for the Smithsonian Museums. 

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  1. I went to the capital in the 8th grade so thing brings back memories! Lookin like we need to go back. Love your pictures and that mural that's 3d looks awesome!!!!