Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DC - Korean, Vietnam and Lincoln Memorials

 We walked down to the Korean Memorial, 
I remember this one from school. 
There were so many middle and high school kids.
C'est la vie. 

They were still haunting..

Mike and I both agreed that this was an important thing to see. 
At every age, but you dont really "get" it, until you grow up a bit. 

 After we left, we followed the path towards the Lincoln Memorial.

It's just as amazing as I remember. 

I know you!
And the view across the gorgeous. 



We walked over to the Vietnam Memorial afterwards. 

This was definitely one of the memorials that made my heart ache.
You see the names and hear stories when you're 12, but they dont really mean anything.
I guess it doesn't mean as much to me as it does to someone who lost a loved one. 
But, it's important to be aware of.
and remember. 

wall of names

dedicated to the women who helped

After that, we wandered just a bit around the mall and found a little gift shop. 
Mike decided to recite some of Lincoln's speeches. 
I'm sure he'll do it for you too, if you ask ;) score?

Also, Mike taught me the "photographer pose" which is definitely just a silly thing. 
But it was fun to do to break up the walk back to the hotel. 

action shot!

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