Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Letters

 It feels like the last couple weeks have swooshed by. Just last night I was telling Mike how little I'd blogged, and now it's Good Friday?! Yeesh. Anyway, let's try something new this week, shall we?

Dear Mike:
Thanks for being my rock, and my rockband partner. I'm still so excited to see you walk in the door and feel your hugs. Also, you totally laugh at my jokes. Also also, I get 3 points for baseball knowledge. :)

Dear Dad, 
Our conversations are always hilarious. I love that you tell me exactly how to properly clean a car, and where the best prices are for metal. No matter my question, you have an answer. You inspire me. 

Dear Leslie, 
You're an amazing friend, and I'm super excited for your great things to come. WHICH will include copious amounts of crafting parties, no doubt. 

Dear Oi, 
 SHUSH. That is all. 

Dear Mom, 
You know everything whether I have to say it or not. I think I lucked up with getting a best friend in my mother. I can.not. wait to see you this weekend. <3

Dear Apes, 
 Ummmmm, Flying saucer this week? And, I need a plastic sippy cup wine buddy, that's gonna be you. ;)


Dear followers, 
 Really, I love all y'all. It's so so so cool that you like to see what shenanigans Mike and I get into and I love following all of your lives. You're pretty cool :) Keep it up! 


What about you?

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  1. I've not been able to blog as much as I wanted to lately, but life just sometimes gets in the way of that :) have a beautiful Easter weekend.