Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DC - Capital City Brewery & Poste

We ended up taking a cab
(which I hailed)
{cause I'm better at that than Mike...}
to Capitol City Brewing Company

It seemed pretty nice to settle into a booth after a long day,
watch some sports 
and drink a local brew. 

The selection was pretty cool. 
I still love the names. 

This was my favorite ;)

Smiles all around. 

Prohibition Porter

Amber waves..and I'm not talkin bout my hair :)

And, the food wasn't that bad either. 
Mike's Burger

Fish and Chips. Nom

Fun break: Here's a comparison between nice, happy, and healthy in 2012 and emotionally exhausted, tired and sick (literally) in 2011. Ok, Mike looks the same..I look muuuuuch better, 

After dinner we strolled back to our Hotel's bar. 
Mike joined me after a quick trip to the room. 
We'll tell you THAT story if you ask. 
the menu was amazing. 
 ANYWAY, I ordered the Hemmingway Daiquiri and Mike got a local brew.

like we do,
we made friends with our AWESOME bartender.
I wish I remember her name.
She was great. 
SUPER SMART (Ph.D student)
in political science (duh) doing her research in urban agriculture. 
We talked to her for hours about wayyy to much. 
Then she started making us drinks. 

Yup. That's an egg. 
It went in a whiskey sour for Mike. 
Mike NEVER drinks Whiskey sours..
She also made me a "real" daiquiri.

We eventually made our way back upstairs and tucked in for the night. 
We had a big day coming up for day 2. 


  1. Daiquiris are the best! There's this place here that serves them pint-sized: Yum!

  2. I just found your blog through the do something good link up and am just getting around to commenting! It's fun looking at the traveling and adventuring you do. And I agree with you- fish and chips are so good! They're totally my standard order whenever we go out ANYWHERE.

    new follower :)

  3. aww, this sounds so fun!!! love the names too!! and the food looks delish!

    love K