Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend of 4/21/12

Friday night was quite welcome. 
But, then again, all weekends are welcome. 
We headed over to Tijuana Flats for Dinner. 

I'm really beginning to like that place. 
TONS of sauces. 
I did *NOT* try the Ghost Pepper sauce. 

After, Mike took me to Goodberry's, 
I'd never been, 

 for this! 

oh brownie sundae. NOM. 
 Saturday while Mike was doing MBA stuff, 
I was doing my best Flower Child impression. 

We headed over to Flying Biscuit for brunch, 

where I could make an entire meal out of the biscuits...

seriously. NOM. 
and Mike made me laugh uncontrollably while they brought the check. 

Since we were heading to Koka Booth Ampitheater, 
the rain started to pour. 
We kept driving, however, to get to 
the Great Grapes Festival. 

We weren't the only ones who waited out the downpour. 
We were all definitely rewarded. 

We had a lot of fun walking around and 
to our delight
there were a lot of wineries that were NOT strictly muscadine. 
There's only so much muscadine one person can drink. 
We laughed at all the fun names and clever signage. 

what can I say?
Then, we followed our old suit. 
Grabbed a chilled bottle of pomegranate red
and snacked our way through the vendor booths
for a little break. 

Eventually we found a couple bottles to take home and then headed out. 


Fun times were had, but we had to get back in order to go to 
Poker Night!
with our friends. 

Everyone settled in to play, 

Side note: did I show you my new glass? 
Insulated, monogrammed, leopard print with a straw. 

well, ALMOST everyone did. 
April and I goofed around. 

Cause we're awesome like that. 

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