Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chili Fest!

On Saturday morning, when we woke up, the rain was pouring. 
Typical, for us, since we were supposed to head to a festival that day. 
Festivals always mean storms, or tornadoes, or freak lightening.
But then, the sun peaked out, so we jumped in the car and drove away

Sunshine on my shoulders..
We went to the Peppers Chili Festival at Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary. 
VIP style, baybay

Straight in the gate, Mike got loaded up with chili and beer...

Ok...maybe I did as well.

It was the first year they held this event, but the turnout (and the chili) was really good.

They also had a VIP tent set up where you could sample a variety of cheeses. 
To see which one went better with your favorite beer.

Everything was going great. 
Until, I heard of some super hot hotsauce. 
I love me some spice. 
So, I signed the waiver, and tasted the sauce. 
Yup, you read that right. I SIGNED A WAIVER. 

In all fairness, I blame my mother. 
She taught me to embrace challenges and never be afraid, she forgot to mention the "DONT SIGN WAIVERS TO EAT FOOD." So, it's her fault.

This is what unfolded next.

Start at the top left, and work your way down the left side, then do the right side and I'll guide you along. 

I signed the waiver. I thought it was marketing. 
He gave me a droplet, on a piece of chip and told me to eat the whole thing. 
"OK!" *chomp*
Oh my gosh, it hurt. The pain you see in my eyes in those photos is all too real. 
I guzzled water. 
I even started holding water in my mouth just to smooth my tounge. 
It didn't help. 
My nose started running, I started crying. 
Some nice girls in the bathroom tried to figure out why I was so upset, 
and all I could croak out was 
Mike remembered that someone was selling milk cartons, so off we went. 
Best $1 ever. E.V.E.R.
As soon as I started to drink it, I felt better. So, as I sat down to try to heal, I saw a guy walk up with a milk carton and the look of death on his face.
"Hot Sauce?" I asked  "Hot Sauce." he replied.
So, we cheers-ed to surviving and not being the worst ones. (He had one friend who left after eating it, and another who spent the rest of the time throwing up)
AND DONT YOU KNOW, that my ever kind, loving, amazingly sweet boyfriend videotaped my pain. 
For your viewing pleasure, obviously.

I randomly saw my new friend throughout the rest of the day and I tried to encourage him that it got better. 
It really did. Though, my taste buds died temporarily. 
So he told me what beer tasted the least like water, and I told him what chili tasted the least like tofu, 
and at the end of the day, we both were no worse for wear.
Neither was Mike who had a blast watching it while cheerily munching chili, 
so we spent the rest of our afternoon relaxing in the sun

On our way our, we also got to pick up our VIP souvenirs. A sweet chili mug to go with our already sweet lanyard and glass :)

See ya next year Chili Fest...but without the hot sauce. 
I ain't signin' no mo' waivers.

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  1. omgosh! a waiver! that's insane!! looks like y'all had fun though!