Thursday, July 26, 2012

Asheville Day 2: Biltmore Estate

Do you remember how everything was HUGE as a kid, 
only to be disappointingly NORMAL when you became an adult. 
See: Slides, Cars, balloons, wine bottles (was that just me?)

WELL, There is one place, that has never EVER ceased to amaze me. 
Lemme tell ya all about it. 

We got up bright and early our second day in Asheville, 
 and headed down to Biltmore Estate.

We stopped at the front gate for all of our tickets, 

drove the mile long driveway and walked through the iron gates. 
There she was. 

THAT is a house. 
175,000 square feet, 250 rooms, a bowling alley and a 75,000 gallon swimming pool. 
Take THAT MTV cribs. 

We explored the outside, 


and statues! Oh My!

Do pay careful attention to the top railing there, 
where the gargoyles are.  

After oogling the outside, we went inside, 
strapped on our blue badges, 

and met up with our tour guide for the Architect Tour. 

They take you up to the very top of the house, 

to make friends with all the gargoyles, 

stare at ALL the detail, 
(Seriously, those are customized ceiling tiles..
on something no one would EVER see. 
Except me. I saw it. 

and DROOL at the view. 

It was completely insane to stare at all the detail 
that George Vanderbilt but into his house. 

(Even Mike liked it) 

Then we went inside for the tour. 
A little tip, GET THE AUDIO GUIDE. 
It's worth it. I promise, and it's set up really well
 to help you make it a super short visit, or a very long one. 

Confession: I was a horrible person. 
There's no photography allowed, and I still feel bad, but
is the thing that makes me love this house. 
It's never EVER gotten any smaller. 
Whether I'm 6 or 26, STILL HUGE.
So, I stole a quick snap. 

I still feel guilty. 
 A quick lunch at the Stable Cafe, 

and then we had a really nice long walk around the garden. 

We had fun watching the koi chase visitors, 

and meandering through the Gardens. 
(Which are, themselves, an entirely separate post)

Then, we headed over to Antler Hill Village. 
First stop was the Biltmore Legacy exhibit. 

It's filled with personal mementos, clothing, furniture, 
vehicles, even Napoleon's chess set. 


A quick walk around the Farm (and a stop for a cheerwine)

(and lots of photos)

As the sun started to set, we found ourselves at the winery. 

We grabbed a little bite (and an early sample)

before our Biltmore Bubbles class. 
It was basically a tour of the Sparkling Wine room at Biltmore, 
showing us their process and then letting us sample the different varieties. 

with our teacher

all the glasses before the sampling

Mike asked a lot of questions. 

It's actually a pretty cool process, I recommend taking the tour!

However, every ticket to Biltmore includes a free tour 
and wine tasting of the main winery.
So, of course, we took advantage of that. 

After a quick peak into the wine shop/souvenir shop, 
(Seriously, I want all those painting)

We headed across the street to Cedric's. 
It's the Tavern that's open late, 
with Asheville brewed beers (in Biltmore names), 
and live music. 

Needless to say, we killed a few hours. 

When we were finally exhausted, we decided to head home. 
After a quick photo. 

We're both impossible. 

One more day of our Asheville adventure, 
but my heart still belongs to Biltmore. 

Blame the little kid in me. 
She's always right. 


  1. 1. I LLLLUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRVVVVVVEEEEEEEE the Biltmore house. And desite growing up in the mtns, I have never been at Christmas! WHAT? Must remedy that now that I'm an adult with a real job.

    2. So I have a confession, I maybe read wedding blogs (and have no plans to get married anytime soon), and I was thinking of awesome places in NC to get married.. and of course Biltmore was at the top of my list. OMFFFGG.. SOOOO expensive. I think the minimum package was right under $15k. But still, wedding at the Biltmore House.. can you imagine a better wedding??? (I still can't)

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. i have never been there but that place looks AMAZING. holy crap. holy crap. amazing!!!