Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Asheville Day 1 (The Breweries)

Way back when we took an extended weekend down to Asheville.
One of the things on our list, was to hit up as many local breweries as possible.
We hit a bunch on our NYE trip

We stopped at Asheville Brewing Company first. 
ABC is a really fun brewery/pizza place. They have two locations. 
We've been to both. 
But the kicker, is that one of their best beers, 
the one that we actually went back for, 
is called The Shiva

a KEG planter? I want it. 

drinking Shiva beer. 

delicious pizza. 

We then walked by Craggie, but no luck, 

so we headed down to Greenman Brewing Company

They were prepping for Asheville Beer Week (put that on the list!) 
so they had a ton of amazing small batches 
that we spent the whole afternoon sipping on. 

always get a sampler!

We chatted away with locals and tourists, 
until we noticed our stomachs were rumbling.

So we went to the Oyster House (brewing company.)


and plenty of taps. 

We listened to the band, stuffed ourselves with seafood
and tried a few different beers. 

Then, we headed to the Thirsty Monk

It was Rogue night

so we walked away with some killer glassware. 

A bit more time people watching. 
Then we headed back to the hotel to rest up for our BIG next day


  1. Y'all have been having too much fun! Love all the sweet glasses you got!

    xoxo, Emily

  2. this looks AWESOME!! i have never been to asheville (i'm a bad NC resident, i know) - but now it makes me want to go even more!

  3. So much good beer! My bf and I are trying to hit up every brewery in San Diego. There is between 38 & 56 depending on what counts (as in not a restaurant...). Also, keg planter is a total must!