Thursday, July 19, 2012

Outer Banks 2012


Dropped Shiva off early, 

then headed down the road. 

We made a quick stop at Super Wings, 

and a reststop for an awesome picnic lunch. 

We Made It. 

So pretty. 

Going up..

swirly curling turning stairs

Past the lighthouse exhibit

still going!

almost there!


My amateur photographer. 

What a view!

Afterwards, we headed to the Beer Garden, 

then over to our hotel for Mets & Wine. 

Dinner at Tortuga's Lie.

I found nirvana, and I need to replicate it. 

Dinner was SPECTACULAR. The dip..well, I could eat it as a soup. 

This is my "I dropped my iPhone in the sink" face. Never fear, it's a Zombie, and all fixed. 

After we returned to our hotel, we walked up the street to OBBS,  

to people watch and have a couple beers. 



We slept in a bit..but I don't have any photos of that, 
cause it would be creepy. 

Breakfast was quickly followed by

beach time!

Matching towels, matching beer, awesome weather. 

This is my new FAVORITE beer. Well, for summer. 

Then we headed down the coast line.
I pee'd on Pea Island, and got a stamp.
I actually used a bathroom, so don't worry, and yes, I got a stamp. 

Sorry Bodie Lighthouse, no time this trip. 


I walked up very very excited. 

So we went inside, 

paid some respects, 

up more winding stairs, 

til we made it. 

He's more excited than he looks. 

I can see for miles and miles...

back down..

"Oh, hey babe, Let me get a photo of you." 

Good job knee. 

A bit of shopping, 

some delicious food, 

and drooling over houses and we were on our way.
By the way, we decided we want to buy a beach house.
I'm going to name it:
Comfortably Numb. 

Only at 9pm can you stop at McDonalds for a milkshake and a s'mores pie. 

We had a blast. 
Definitely think that we're gonna have to go back 


  1. Looks like it was a great getaway!! Fun pics

  2. What a fun trip! The lighthouse is beautiful!