Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home Brewing

Typical Home Brewing Day...

12:00 AND we're ready.

12:10 We're now steeping the grain at a temperature that makes the enzymes more active when breaking down the starches 
(Mike dictated this one..can ya tell?)

12:34 Still steeping. (yawn)

1:05 We poured in the malt extract, and sang "Smack That" while smacking the yeast.

1:31 The boil has begun and the bittering hops have been added! The hops are my favorite part, they smell amazing. However, the one I snuck did not taste amazing. :-/

2:14 Mike has just left the building and informed me that if he does not return by 2:19, I am to continue on my own. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!

2:17 I'm unhappily opening the honey to pour in

2:19 YAY! In rushes my honey! He can pour in the honey himself. :)

2:38 Cooling down the wort with buckets and ice.

the necessities. 

2:43 We moved the wort to the fermenter and adding ice to 5 gallons :)

2:45 Density measurement : 1.060

2:59 Added the yeast

3:00 We're sealed up and praying for fermentation. Another day, done. Nap time?



  1. Wow, lots of work but so worth it I bet!! Robert wants to start brewing once we get a house.


  2. shut up. so cool!!!! hope it turned out well!