Thursday, February 2, 2012

the rest of special lady weekend...

The rest of Special Lady Weekend, was just as awesome as Friday night. We got up early and headed out to Triangle Brewing Company, for their tasting and tours.  

It was probably the best "brewery" tour we'd been on, in terms of the science he talked about and how in-depth it was.   

They had an AWESOME pepper beer, in addition to their normal fare, 
free to try. 
did I mention: FREE, 
and then the guy raced the people celebrating brithdays to see who could shotgun a beer faster.

AFter the brewery tour, we decided to head to downtown Durham.
First stop was a awesome Irish Pub, Bull McCabe's to get some nosh.

Then some more walking, to take in the tobacco district.

Before we ended up at West End Wine Bar. 

I'd been there once before, and was quite excited to get back. 
The wine selection was amazing & the waitress was super sweet and knowledgeable about beer and wine. 

Mike was happy that a football game was on (which I don't remember), 
since the waitress and I chatted about the Kardashians.

We had such a blast, and & I'm a very lucky girl. :)

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