Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 7th

Ok, let's start playing catch up.
January 7th, it's a good starting place. 
Early-ish, that morning my old friend from HS was in town. 
Let's just tell you a bit about my old high school. 

It's not like yours. (Unless you went to a residential magnet school)
It has only Juniors and Seniors, and you live on campus. 
Our Mascot was the Unicorn. 
You take upper level math and science classes and excellent humanities courses. 
You live on campus. So you get REALLYCLOSE with a small set of people. 
We called ourselves the fourple.

I still get goosebumps at the exit sign.

After graduation, all 5 of us (yup, you're keeping up) split across the country. 
So when one came to town, I went running.
We met up at our favorite Durham food ever. (It was so cheap and therefore perfect for highschoolers)
Cosmic Cantina. It really is the best one.

Though, it was a little odd having a drink there now.
Afterwards, we walked down the street to our old school. 
Each graduating class (since 1982) has their senior portrait down a hall way. 
We played a game to see if we could find ourselves.

We meandered down the hallway. Reminiscing, laughing, remembering...
Happy Half, Airband, KoffeeHaus, that nasty art pond that we swam in
and our senior bench, that was replaced by a bigger, prettier, NEWER senior bench. 

Then we found the swings. Those wonderful, wooden swings.

After a walk back up Ninth street, with some minor shopping at our old haunts, it was time to say goodbye. 
with promises of reunions in new places. Vegas? New Orleans? Soon!

Almost as soon as I got home, it was time to go out for April's birthday dinner.
Where we learned some exciting news!
Wedding bells are ringing. Ring Pictures are still being taken. (and you already know the newest updates)

but, we still ate cupcakes (green and pink!)

T'was a good day. I spent it with all the people I love and enjoy the most (or representatives thereof)

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