Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Review 2-5-12

What a weekend! We stayed in Friday night, so Mike could catch up on homework, I did get a little bit crafty and made a cute wreath for Super Bowl Sunday. 
mini footballs! 

Saturday night, Mike and I went back to Wine and Design, Cary for another date night! 

via Wine and Design Cary's facebookpage

Our class's renditions of Starry Night
via Wine and Design Cary's facebookpage

blurry shot, but you can see our paintings. 

When we got home, we hung em up in the kitchen!

 Sunday, we spent the day cleaning and cooking to get the house ready for our 2nd Annual Super Bowl party. We made a few different things, but my FAVORITES were the little burgers below. 

Totally inspired by Emily. I made some plain yellow cupcakes and cut them in half after they were cool. The "burger" patty are really thin brownies. I cut a bunch out with a wine glass, then Mike scooped up the bits and made the rest. The "ketchup," "cheese," and "mayonnaise" is just white frosting with foodcoloring piped around the edges and "smushed" down. They were quite the hit and totally fun to eat. 

We also had a pretty competitive game of Commercial Bingo going on. I found a blinged out football necklace that we passed around as people got BINGO and it definitely made the game a bit more exciting.  

cupcakes and touchdowns ;)

At the end of the night to celebrate our successful party, some recent events and a general awesomeness of 2012, Mike and I popped open a bottle of champagne that'd been sitting around for a couple years. 

Success. :)

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