Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wine and Design Cary

I love W&DC, and you should definitely check it out. They have a ton of different paintings every month, and if you cant find one you like, you can go on Open Studio night and pick which one you want. 

Once you get there, you settle in, put on your smock and crack open your wine. This time, we had awesome juice boxes from Target. Then the instructors help show you what to do. Both Marianne and Craig (the owners and the instructors that I've had in my many many classes) are really really good. They definitely put you at ease and make it easy to learn what you're doing and how to make your painting look awesome. Plus, the more you drink, the better it looks!

getting more creative ;)

Apes singing along to the ABBA playlist..

our paintings: all done!
 It's really cool to see how people choose to go their own way and add their own flair to the paintings. 
the two across from us
so proud

I love both the crab and the garden scene..

ooo, or the boat! or the Skyline!

with our Masterpieces. 

who else ;)

I thought it was going to be an easy painting.
 I was wrong. 
You see all those shades within our paintings? Well, we started out with yellow, bright red, black and white paint, and we mixed all the rest. 
We're awesome. 

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  1. Lovely painting! I just did a similar thing in Boston and had a blast! You can see it here http://honeyandnutmeg.blogspot.com/2012/02/midnight-in-paris.html