Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day

Hearts Day 2012

 Valentines Day this year was a muli-day affair. Monday night, Mike took me to Bella Monica where we had a DELICIOUS meal and bottle of wine. (Sorry, no photos) Afterwards, we headed home for Day1, Part 2 (as Mike called it) which involved a basket that had cheese, crackers and wine in it. We set up a little picnic in our basement on the faux fur blanket, and chatted well into the night.

faux Polar Bear, of course.

On *the actual* Valentine's Day, we headed to Durham to Broad Street Cafe. It's actually located right next to NCSSM, so I always get a little reminiscent when I go there. 

They were having Periodic Tables, which is a monthly event where they team with NCMLS to bring in a speaker on various topics. As a bonus for this month, they had a keg of Sexual Chocolate. (A really hard to get a hold of beer..just trust me)

tap handle
They tapped the keg at 6pm and Mike got the last pint at 7:15


 It was a really interesting talk, and we had great pizza and beer before we headed home for Day2 , part 2. 
Mike brought home a nice bottle of Champagne. 
"To celebrate us"
We've had champagne together before, to celebrate various other things, but this bottle was just for us.

I wouldnt let him open it with a knife.
 Id never opened a bottle of champagne before, (it scares me) but I did that night. Mike even filmed it for you

It was a lovely couple days, with an absolutely lovely man :)