Thursday, February 16, 2012

Science of Wine

 Thursday night, we headed back to the Museum of Life and Science for "Science of Wine"

It did seem like there were fewer wineries, which was really sad, but we had a good time regardless. 

smush, stomp, squash
We got to stomp grapes, which was really weird. They were harder to crush than you would imagine, and get stuck between your toes. Props to earlier generations who drank "foot wine" though, I don't know if I could...

Then, we followed the loud booming noise upstairs. (Possibly my favorite part)
You've seen people do it on tv, open champagne bottles with large sabres, and we saw someone do it that night. 
The guys from The Wine Feed were doing a REALLY cool demonstration.  That I finally managed to get a good video of, so click below to check it out.

the cork, afterwards.

 After that, it was craft time. They always have craft projects, and I always get really excited...

Mike managed to capture my "creativity" face (the tongue totally helps). 
work. in. progress.

Afterwards, we had two really cool coasters to take home
it has glitter on it. trust me.
and a set of wine charms. One with NCSU colors and one with GT colors.

Finally, we headed to a station to see what brain chemical we are. 
You can decide which is which.

 We finished off the night guessing at wine corks (Answer 657ish, we guessed 412 and 395,) then headed out to Tylers for some snacks before calling it a night.

happy faces.

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