Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tale as old as time... 1-14-12

On Friday, January 14th, Mike came home with flowers


and announced that it was Special Lady Weekend...

First Up, we went to go see the 3D Release of Beauty and the Beast. 
Actually, this movie is one of my earlier memories. My dad took me to see it when it came out (I was 6.) I got SO scared of the beast, that I climbed on his lap and hid. Then, I saw the movie projector at the back of the theatre, and noticed that the movie was playing in IT too, but I could still stay on my dad's shoulder (for protection.) Thus, I watched the entire movie on my dad's shoulder.

After the movie, I was hooked. Luckily, for me, Pizza Hut ran a promotion where you could get a BatB puppet whenever you bought a small pan pizza. *Here's the commercial below*

I had all of them but Beast. I think my mom still has Chip lying around somewhere... 
 It was an awesome night. I loved Belle and Mike and I had a great time watching the movie as adults, singing along and reminiscing about our childhood... :)

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