Friday, February 3, 2012

Mike's Birthday 2012

Last year, Mike and I had the flu during his birthday so this year I was determined to make up for it. 

Friday night started off the fun:

Friday night, I made a simple dinner of Mac-N-Cheese, veggies and jalapeno chicken. (My first Pinterest recipe!)

while playing a few rounds of You Dont Know Jack. (this is my favorite win to date)

Saturday, we kept busy!

We went to Chatham Hill Winery, where we toured the place and then had a wine and cheese tasting, then we just picked up a bonus bottle and sat around chatting and sipping on wine. We got to keep the glasses you see, and we brought home a bottle for later. 

We headed back to Raleigh to the new Tyler's taproom. We grabbed a couple beers and watched some basketball...

and munched on DELICIOUS BBQ nachos and pickle chips. (Seriously y'all, I  WILL BE back. They were SO. GOOD.)

We headed home to clean up and get ready for dinner, meanwhile I gave Mike his Birthday present. 
the force is strong with this one

Saturday night dinner was at the ever amazing, delicious, scrumptions, spectacular Angus Barn. From the Ostrich Sate to the juicy, mouthwatering steak, AB is definitely the place to go for any BIG event.
Haven. Heaven. Whichever

Mike got some birthday balloons!
and BIRTHDAY CAKE! He was quite proud of himself and the nibble. 

Mike bought me a set of Angus Barn desert recipe cards. I've lusted after that Chess pie for years, and after my horrible fiasco with it from last year (I was crying on the kitchen floor) I think he took pity on me.

With full tummies and happy memories, we headed home to rest up for Sunday!

Birthday brunch at the Twisted Fork!!!

then a few hours leisurely spent at Barnes and Noble.

birthday filmstrip!

During the afternoon, Mike spent his time playing videogames and chugging around the internet, while i spent a few hours making him some AWESOME red velvet cupcakes. (Right Babe?) Then, I plopped the 2 and the 8 in, light those babies up and carried em downstairs.  Quite the happy camper that Mike. 

While I didn't have to really DO anything to make this birthday better than last year, just not die and junk, I *think* 
I succeeded in making this year pretty awesome. 

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  1. This is my first birthday (Feb 3rd) in 2 years that Drew and I have gotten to enjoy each other's company!

    YAY for good birthdays!