Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mama said.. I should have been warned to stock the bar before hand.

Mama said there'd be days like this. 

I woke up in a cold sweat, having nightmares about Mike running away on vacation without me with someone-not-me. I left the house EARLY, but got stuck behind a a city truck who blew a tire on Six Forks. THEN, on 440, Mr. I-Cant-Figure-Out-What-Exit-I-Want cuts me off to get on the beltline before he smashes into the sign. I slam on my breaks, and barely miss him, causing my purse and lunch to squash into the front of my car. Spare change? EVERYWHERE. Purse contents: EVERYWHERE. My left over Chinese food lunch - ALL OVER MY DASHBOARD. Sigh. I get to the lab, lean on the door (which is never fully shut) and basically crush my bones against the door because its magically locked (No one ever fessed up to this, by the way). Bruises up my arm and legs. Pour out solutions for my experiment, just to drop them on my jeans and bleach the bottom. I drop my last sterile pipette. I had to explain 6496 things, that shouldnt have had to be explained. Leave late because someone else "has to leave before me." Drive home and pull out the herby cheese and take a big bite: oh, that would be my mouth. I open the fridge to see what ELSE is moldy, and fling the container of feta cheese over the floor. Clean that up, and a box of cereal falls off the top of the fridge and hits me in the head. 

So. Now.
I am sitting in the basement, eating pepperoni and sliced cheese; checking out the longest bridal train ever (1.85 MILES) and reading about Reese Witherspoon being preggers (oh my gosh, can I be her?) and whether Sanchez or Tebow is the hotter Jets quarterback. Don't blame me, blame People.

I assume that later I will boil over the pot and burn my hand and then probably burn the house down while I kill all the endangered species in the rainforest. :-P

Or, I'll drink some wine and be great. But, thanks lil blog, for letting vent out my day. For getting this far, here's a picture of the double rainbow that I saw on my way to work yesterday. 



  1. Days like this I question if playing hookey and staying in bed all day would have been a better idea. Hoping tomorrow is better for you (:

  2. sorry to hear about your bad day! I'm sure a glass, or bottle, of wine will help ;)

  3. Yikes! Sounds like a rough day! Crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be better for you :)

    PS- I see you do science work! What do you do? I'm finishing my undergrad in Bio with a Chem minor and working on applying to doctoral schools :)