Friday, March 9, 2012

What a week.

Let me start at the beginning. I've been having CRAZY backpain for a couple months now, and it'd started to affect my moods, sleeping, walking, sitting, and even my breathing. 
When I couldnt take a deep breath, I decided to see a Chiropractor. 
And now I'm on a regimen of 2X week for another 5 weeks, at $64 a visit. 
THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS insurance. (cue eye roll)

Add that to some not-so-nice news from Mike's end, and a oddly insane week at work, 
and I'm pooped. 
Luckily, this week also brought a couple welcome distractions. 
First off? Cupcakes. 

Y'all need to get some of these. I got the thin mint inspired one,and Mike got the strawberry cupcake. 
There are no words. 
They're just that good. 

Then! I got a nice package in the mail. My Hunger Games nailpolishes arrived! I only ordered Foie Gras, Smoke and Ashes, and Luxe and Lush, and I"m VERY excited.
 I immediately put Foie Gras on.  
It's a smokey, taupey, purpley mashup of awesome. 

And now, it is Friday. 
(and the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil)


  1. I was considering buying some Hunger Games nail polish myself, but I couldn't decide on a color. Thanks for sharing, because that Foie Gras is an AMAZING color!

    Happy Friday! Glad your not-so-wonderful week is almost over! :)

    1. I say, definitely get them. The three I have are GORGEOUS. I've had this color on for a few days down with minor, easy fixes. Love them. :)

  2. Replies
    1. THANKS Kitty! It's gorgeous, reminds me of an Essie shade from last fall, but a little richer/darker. Love it. :)