Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Ups..St Patty's Day

Yeah, I just..I..I'm sorry. Better late than never.  

First Up: 

Friday, March 16th. 

Mike and I got up early that morning, and I got out all of our NCSU tshirts to wear for the day. 

Then we went to work til noon and then met up with two of our friends at Backyard Bistro. 
For the NCSU game in the NCAA tourney. 

and some dividing up of craft supplies..

After we won, Mike and I went home for a quick nap, then headed out for some sushi. 

Saturday, March 17th

While Mike had his MBA meeting, I watched the penguin cam in bed for a couple hours. 

then we got dressed up in our green, finest clothes (and apparently did a lil jig) 

then headed out to meet our friend Katie for her birthday. 

We went down to Dos Taquitos in downtown Raleigh, then headed to the architect for dancing. 

dancing and mean mugging..of course..

We then met up with some of our friends at a hotel bar in North hills for a hot second, before running home to avoid the torrential downpours outside. 

Sunday, March 18th
We got up early and headed to Brewmasters for Brunch. 

We grabbed a couple bloody marys and some food.

and settled into watch NCSU beat Georgetown. (It was a remarkable win)

The bartender celebrated with us, by making us a miniature Dirty Hippy. 

Moral: Always make friends. 
Especially with bartenders.  

Then we headed to our neighborhood Whole Foods, where they were having a Chili Cookoff. 

We took our job seriously, 

then picked up some local wine and cheese for dinner. 

Horray for awesome weekends. 

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  1. I was rooting SO HARD for NC State on Friday! My dad was a student there when they won their last championship back in 1983, and I still have one of his old T-shirts from it. I really would've liked for them to beat Kansas, but better luck next year!