Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

The Weekend of March 23rd

Oh lordy, after last week, I was SO. SO. SO looking forward to this weekend. 
Friday night, after I finally got out of my slump, we headed out. 

We stopped for dinner at Sushi Nine, where they had a special "Wolfpack Punch"

and got our weekly sushi. 

We then headed off to Tyler's Taproom to watch the end of the UNC game (they won) and the NCSU game (they lost..sad ) 

Saturday afternoon, we headed out to meet our friend Leslie to see the Hunger Games. We stopped at Remedy Dinner for a bit before hand to kill some time. 

Then we went to the IMAX where we saw Hunger Games. The books were, obviously, a good read for me, so I was excited to see the movie. They pulled it off pretty well, and i DEFINITELY got more attached to the characters than I did during the book. 

Afterwards, we headed to MoJoe's Burger Joint, which was rated as the #2 burger in Raleigh in this years Raleigh Downtowner magazine. {Side Note: Mike and I view this list as a "to-do" list}

It definitely didn't disappoint. The burgers,  onion rings, shakes and fries were all amazing. We'll definitely put keep it in the rotation! 

Sunday morning, we slept in for a bit then headed down to Nofo @ the Pig for Brunch. 
Brunch and Bloody Marys. 

Mike enjoys having beverage choices. 

My Ashe County Omelet (represent!)

 and Mike's Big Bear Scramble.

Then we headed back home for homework, house work and blog work. 
I did venture out later in the day to pick up a new planner. (Mine ran out in June '12, and we were starting to get busy during the rest of the year...) 
I ADORE the Martha Stewart line that I picked up at Staples. 
I figure that I would start using the new one in April, since March is almost over anyway..

What'd YOU do this weekend?

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