Monday, March 12, 2012

Sick Day Kit

Sick Day Kit
from polyvore

This is how I've been since Friday, curled up on the couch with a really nasty bug. I just cant seem to shake it, no matter how much orange juice or water I chug, dayquil or sinus buster I pop, it just wont shake. I become a very sad little child when I get sick. I want my mommy, and a stuffed animal, but Mike has been doing a really good job of making sure I eat and drink enough. I'm 100% determined to be better by tomorrow. We'll see.

I have spent a fair amount of time gathering things that make me smile

kate spade fancies

 For example: all these gorgeous goodies from Kate Spade. The frog prince clutch,  and Cake for breakfast tote are absolutely fabulous. Im also totally digging that magazine clutch.

vestique dreams

I spent tons of time perusing to try to find something cute for Katie's birthday. Hopefully I'll feel up to checking the actual store out this weekend. I'm still unsure of a red head in a fuchsia top.

I've also started thinking about the things that I'm thankful for. Really, those are the things that are more important than glitter shoes or green necklaces.
 I'm grateful for a job that allows me sick time to take when needed and that gives me health insurance, so that if i DO need to see a doctor, it's a possibility.
I'm grateful for a daddy who makes me giggle when talking about squirrels and  "sissy blows"
I'm thankful for a mama that has the ability to make me feel better from 200 miles away with remedies and helpful hints
I'm thankful for a boyfriend who brings home OJ, dinners, and kleenexes, medicines and snuggles that make it better.
I'm grateful for a house to sleep in, a computer to spend random time on, and the comforts that all of these things offer.

I'm lucky. I know that. I'm just a lucky girl with a cold.
Send healthy vibes my way ok?

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  1. love the sick day kit! i was just sick this past weekend (still am) and i was all about some sweat pants!!