Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Technical Difficulties

via Exploding Dog

The best laid plans of mice and bloggers, 
often end in tears and frustrations. 

Monday night, I got a great idea to update my commenting software. 
Tuesday night, I noticed that while I would get emails of comments
they weren't on the blog. 
I started looking at other posts that I knew had comments,
 and suddenly, they were all missing. 

I cried. 

So, I deleted the new software. 
It seems that it took a few casualties. 
I apologize, immensely.
I've only "removed" one comments from my blog. 
It promised me larger member if I clicked the link, 
but that's it.
And it always will be. 
I LOVE your comments on my blog. 
I get really excited  for each new follow.
 So, from here on out
I will leave the changes and updates to the pros.

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