Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Did you know? 
That I did things these last few weeks? 
All I know, is that I was S.I.C.K.
and suddenly, photos of happenings appeared on my phone. 

One Thursday, Mike & I went with our friends to Total Wine in North Hills. 
Yeah, Total Wine. 
They have wine classes, and at these classes they let you try 10 different types of wines, in multiple price points all from different regions (Generally, each night has a theme, and they do it once a month)

This particular month was California. 
We learned about a movie "Bottle Shock" that is apparently a must-see, and tried a variety of new wines. Mike and I really want to head up Cali wine country to sample all the different vinyards. 
"On the list!" he says, so I will assume that it'll happen...eventually..
The class is also taught by an NCSU History professor, so its REALLY interesting..
This is the photo that best sums up the night. 
Lots of color & wine. 

we also went to another Cirque Du Soleil show. 
"Michael Jackson"
From what I remember, it was really cool. 
"Love" is still my favorite, but this is definitely worth seeing, if you love the prince of Pop. 

the stage

my glasses  &  Mike's dinner...

We also started watching Oi and Olive as they run around the house. 
They both get really upset when Mike is in his office and will not come out to play. 
I guess the MBA is affecting the whole house..

Spring has sprung! Actually, it sprung last week and this week it's just
 raining and storming us to death. 

We also went out to Sushi..
(oh come on, are you shocked? 
This happens 23 times a week,

sooooooo goooooooooooood
 I also have, apparently, spent a great deal of time playing 
"Draw Something" 
with Mike. 
I think it's safe to say that even though neither of us are budding artists, 
we must "get" each other..
or else, we'd never understand what the other was trying to draw...
do YOU see shovel?

What have *YOU* been up to the last couple days?

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  1. Sounds like a fun week! Even though you were sick. :( Glad you could still enjoy yourself, though! I've seen Bottle Shock — I watched it while staying in Sonoma Valley, actually — and it was a good movie! You should see it sometime.