Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First DateAversary pt 2

Thursday, the 22nd, we celebrated the date of our first date. (Keeping up?)
Mike met me at Mura, in North Hills

They had an incredible wine and beer menu..

which was only surpassed by their DELICIOUS sushi menu. 

I cant even describe it. If I ever wanted to eat EVERY SINGLE ROLL, but we settled on three. 
The presentation was incredible, i LOVED the flower and the flower sushi. 

I tried to eat a giant piece of sushi...let's just look at this. 
Yeah, it's a lot of pictures. 
It's worth it, cause its funny. 

oooo, large bite..

I can do this..

ooorrrr,  I dropped it
i'm failing, and it's hilarous

trying again..

dropped again



Mike did a LOT better..

Sigh, I'm learning. It will come in time. 

Afterwards we went across the street to Ben & Jerrys

For a waffle cone with Phish Food and Bonnaroo Buzz. 

It was such a beautiful night, we were able to sit outside at North Hills and eat our ice cream and chat. We eventually headed back home where we cracked open this little beauty of a bottle. 
It seemed to fit us perfectly. 

Here's to two (hundred) more years. 


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