Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh Pinterest. A Poem

Oh Pinterest, 
Why must you lure me?

When I know that your NC art projects are sure to please

Perhaps I shall drool, over kitty cat towers,...

or new ways to hang up flowers.

Or, I can pick out a necklace or two,

and convince myself that this Pin isn't true...

Source: via Terri on Pinterest

But the neon pink toes,

and snake cuff envy woes
Source: via Terri on Pinterest

will make me link with "The Vintage Apple," cause she knows.


 It had to rhyme. 
 I never said I was a poet.
and don't know it
 I'm an immunologist.
I promise to never try this again...

What did you find on Pinterest this week?


  1. I'm over from The Vintage Apple.

    I'm doing NC are projects right now too. I'm Tarheel born and bred!

  2. I love those neon toe shoes. So cute.

  3. These neon shoes are a must! Annnd DIY! Genius! Great pins girl!

  4. That snake cuff is gorgeous! (As a Harry Potter fan, though, I couldn't wear it, because then people might think I'm a Slytherin, when clearly I'm a Ravenclaw.)

    My Pinterst post this week is at

  5. great pins! I love the first one, i need one like that of california! newest follower :)

  6. great pins =) love the poem ha ha! xo

    pebbz |

  7. Whaaatt--that neon toe shoe DIY is so cool! Must. Try. Out.