Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not-Homemade Homemade Dinner

I dont generally do posts about the food that I make, mostly because you can see those photos on facebook, or twitter, or instagram, yaddayaddayadda. However, this one is a little bit different. 
I've never made 90% of the things below before (from scratch, obviously)
And as Mike was eating it, he said "Wow babe, this doesn't taste homemade! It tastes GOOD"
Thanks Love. 
So what'd I make to get such praise?

General Tso's chicken with fresh broccoli and carrots. (First time making broccoli and  the sauce)

mini wontons

salted edamame

FIRST TIME MAKING EGG DROP SOUP. Gosh, it was good. So good. 

and I made crispy wonton slices for the soup. this took me three times. 

Kinda proud of this meal. 
Oh, what was that? What'd I make for dessert?


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