Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Whale of a Party

I mentioned, over the weekend, that I was throwing a baby shower for my 
wonderful, beautiful, spectacular friend Leslie 
and her equally amazing, genuine, sweet husband Derek.  
This is that shower :)

My mom specifically requested pictures of this,
after I'd told her of my numerous craft store visits and how I got Mike in on the crafting action.
PLUS, When I was googling "Whale Baby Shower" I got next to zip.
So, maybe someone out there can use the help.

The Invites
I put them together using various colors of paper and a whale stamp from ACMoore. 
Mike would also like me to mention that he helped me cut out the whales and some of the suns. 
There was also a little blue whale on the front of the envelope. 

The "Game" 
Truth be told: I HATE baby shower games. So, I decided to do something a little more fun. Give people some champagne, a puffy paint pen, a blank onesie, and let 'em go. I made a few examples to start with. Future Scientist, C-U-Te (elemental, really ;) )  and Give Peas a Chance. 

The Memento
I printed out a maternity photo of Leslie that was bathed in blues and oranges (that I swiped off her blog) and had guests sign the mat so that she would always have a little memento of the shower. 

The Food
Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange frosting and blue decorating sugar

These were FAB. Super easy to make and really filling. 

These mini quiches are what dreams are made of, and super easy to make!

The Mini caprese and the Cucumber sandwiches rounded out my "prepared" foods. But, I will say that if you add creamcheese with a meat (bacon or lox in this case) and put it on a cucumber- you will be happy. Please do better than me and don't take a chunk off your ring finger in the making. 
Yes, I made sure that the fruit matched the theme. Sue me. 

The Decor
 This is another place where I got Mike in on the action. Tissue paper pompoms are super cute, pretty easy to make and really fluffy! M made the orange one, and I made the blue one. I've heard that they may make their presence known in a certain nursery soon ;)

Leslie had pinned this cute ombre whale print no less than 4 times, 
so I decided to make it as a bonus surprise. I think it went over well, and it really looks cute! 
It also helped remind me that I miss painting. 

 The Hosts

The Party
After everyone arrived, mingled and munched a bit, we got busy making some onesies!

I'm gonna miss my crafting buddy in Ca.

Mike made the allligator, I was - of course- obsessed with the theme still. 

Tentative crafters...

still create awesome onesies!

The Loot!
tons of boxes on the floor not pictured!

soap, soap and more soap!

On the way out, Leslie handed out the favors below. 
Chevron? Polka dots? Themed!?! I die. 
She also gave me a bottle of wine wrapped in a pretty yellow towel. 
(yup, to match my Cali Kitchen)
and the sweetest little turtle topper that I almost cried!


I tend to go all out on showers, and it really stems from my love of making things "special" for people. You only get one birthday a year, you only get a few showers in your life, (of the party kind..hopefully you get the water kind daily, or at least every other day-ly) and I really love making them special and memorable. This was one of my favorites, that I've thrown, to date. 

Next up? Charleston Bridal Shower. 
Bring on the glitter, feathers, tulle and pink!!

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