Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Let's just get it alllll out there. 

Sept 20th : Craft Night
Sept 21-23: Maryland for Charlie & Sally's wedding
Sept 25th: Girls Night
Sept 27: Shiva Appt
Sept 28-30: Charleston for Totes Bach. 

Oct 3-13: London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, London
Oct 19-21: Home for one last time
(That's also around the time for Leslie to pop!)
Oct 24: Dinner for work
Oct 25: Shiva Appt
Oct 26: Last Day of work
Oct 27-29: Charlotte
Oct 29-Nov 1: Packing blitz (hopefully with my wonderful mama and/or papa)
Oct 30: Hair appt

Nov 2: Apey's wedding!
Nov 3-4: Last weekend in Raleigh
Nov 5: Goodbye NC. 

I'm exhausted. All I did was write it. 
Only one thing to do
                                                                                                            Source: via Terri on Pinterest


  1. You are one busy lady but that's a lot of fun things planned! We need to squeeze in a shopping date before you leave. Let me know when you are free since you have a busier schedule than me :)


  2. Nov. 5 will be a day of mourning. Glad I made it on your schedule!!! xoxo

  3. wow. you have a crazy couple months coming up... you got this. we need to meet before you leave!

  4. Dang woman. Gooooood luck with everything! Time will fly!

  5. Thats a busy schedule! You're coming this way soon now. Are you travelling between Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris by train (I've done this) or by plane? Either way don't be tempted to bring anything dodgy out of Amsterdam, you will not get it past customs - lots of drugs in Amsterdam and they don't like you bringing them out.
    In Amsterdam you must eat big fat chips (what you call french fries) with mayo. In Brussels you must drink beer and eat chocolate. In London drink beer, eat fish & chips, bangers(sausages)and mash, and have a 99 from an ice-cream van.