Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

as always, 
this weekend FLEW by. 

It doesn't help that we've been trying to squeeze in all the "us" time, 
that we can. Since Mike leaves -tomorrow-.

I had taken the day off work to help pack, 
and pack we did. 
Mountains of clothes..

Car tetris begins. 

Shiva went out to potty. 
I realize this isn't an event. 
As she does this multiple times a day. 

she brought herself back a toy. 
Beer case? / Toy? No discrimination here.

The morning was spent prepping for Leslie's baby shower. 
Decorations, paintings, cupcakes, etc. 

The afternoon was a little busier. 
We hopped from a brewery tour at Big Boss

just in time for Harvest Time on Draft. 
 over to Boylan Bridge, 

then to The Pit for dinner. 

we met up with some friends for bowling, 

and birthday cake.  

Another packing day, 
with a side of finishing touches. 
Then, twas baby shower time!
(post to come)

DIY onesies. Guess which one Mike did and which one I did. 

 Before we left, Leslie sent us off with the most ADORABLE favors, 
(see the cute chevron bags with polka dot ribbon)
(girl is after my own heart, SERIOUSLY)
and a super sweet hostess gift. 

Love Them All. 

So, now, I'm settled in, drinking my wine, Mike's car is fully packed, 
and we're trying to celebrate our last few hours living in the same house. 
For 2 months anyway. 

Cheers to the weekend. 

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  1. i have YET to try the pit for dinner... i need to! also, our dogs are the same way - ANYTHING is a toy

  2. This weekend definitely flew by! You hit up all the amazing places in Raleigh!


  3. Looks like a super busy weekend. And those DIY onesies are adorable! Mine never look that good. And what cute favors. Love the chevron bag. Popping over from Weekend Update.

  4. Busy, busy weekend! Hope you guys enjoyed your time together... I'll be saying goodbye to my husband for a month and then five months in a little bit myself...NO fun.

    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. I love your blog and wanted to spread it anyway I could :)

    Here's my post about it! Thanks again for being so great!

  5. I loooove packing. Hate unpacking. Hope you're enjoying your time together!

  6. oh my goodness, sounds like a fabulous and busy weekend. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest outfit post and part one of my NYFW adventures. xo

  7. I had the Harvest Time over on draft at Ridgewood the other day after work. You guys should have checked out some of the Hopscotch festivities! It was fun (although a little too fun for me!). What a fun weekend though!

  8. stopping by from #yoloMondays busy weekends are the best weekends.


    I'm hosting a giveaway hope you enter

  9. Wow that was quite the packing! hehe your onesie is so cute :)