Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well this is a story...

Do you guys remember Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
Feel free to refresh yourself:

Well, you remember Mike's crazy road trip?

Well, I wrote him this one morning last week, 
to help with the trip. 
(Sing it to the tune of Fresh Prince)

Well this is a story all about how, 
Mike packed the stuff out from the house, 
and then slammed it in the car and drove on out, 
for forty eight hours on a crazy route...

In West Cal-i-four-na-ya, where he heads
to start a new job and blow up his bed, 
passing by arches, and windmills, and corn
with the same ol khaki's that he's worn. 
When he gets to the house in the new neighborhood, 
he'll take a deep breath and know he done good
Then he'll fly right back and forth more than he should
before one last flight all out to Raleighwood. 

But before he comes back there's trips that are fab
to help get his soul breath and his mind of out of the lab:
DC, Lon-don, Amsterdam and Pair-ey
with his favorite redhead  the awesome terri!

then pack up the pod and send it away
shove the cats, dogs and us in the pri
and drive back home to san jose
to make a new life thats more than ok. 
I love you lots, hope you like my rap
im white like rice and rhyme like crap. 

i wrote this say you rock and you're great
and I can't wait to see you again post haste

I'm pretty much the best girlfriend ever. 


  1. That's mad skillz. Will your rapper name forever be known as White Rice?

  2. Honestly? That's a better version than the original. :)

  3. love this, and glad I am not the only one who makes up raps for all life's adventures! ;)

  4. hahaha, so glad i finally read this it's awesomesauce! :D