Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Hodgepodge

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Dear Mike: Wow. I know that you left and that we're moving and that it's real and stuff and junk but, something about you actually PULLING IN to our new driveway makes me new levels of nervous. That said, Thank you so much for the things you have done to make this easier on me and the animals.
For example: Hearing your voice definitely made Shiva relax a bit after she got her tail stuck in the door, and I'm so greatful that those little calls of "Please talk to the dog," are met with "Ok, HIIIII SHIIISHIII" instead of "Shut up, I'm driving" Alsooo, buying me a boyfriend pillow and leaving your cologne behind was really sweet.

As was downloading an app that will let me see where you are and if you're moving. It gives me peace of mind that you aren't stuck in a ditch. I really appreciate that you understand that something that seems silly or too much to you actually makes me breathe a little easier and is worth the time.

Dear Shiva. I'm so sorry that you're sickly. AND that you miss Dad. AND that your tail got stuck in the door. I hope the peanut butter cookies make it better and the extra snuggles were at least somewhat helpful. However, please don't eat anything else that I love. Please? There were 4 other pairs of shoesin the basement and you ate my very favorite ones in the whole world?!

Lucky for you, you're cute. 

Moving On:

Fun, Lovely nails courtesy of Julep and Essie.
Sasha, Mint Candy Apple, Ole Caliente.

Favorite Breakfast?
Mike's going away breakfast that consisted of Mimosas.
like a boss. 

Favorite PlanningThing:
Can I just tell you how excited I am to start decorating and arranging the new place. 
Even though I took 20photos, it wasnt enough, and I can't completely remember the place, but it hasnt stopped me from trying. Or planning. 
Nothing stops me from planning. 

LEAST Favorite Night:
Thursday, I worked a 12 hour day that was -rough- to say the least.
Get home around 820, let Shiva out of her crate
(which she'd been stuck in for 12 whole hours and didnt have an accident, sweet girl). 

Look at Shiva at 9:00 and she had eaten my favoritest shoes ever. (See Above) 
Why are they my favorite?
 When Mike and I first started dating, I was having a rough time with my job. One day after a particularly rough day, Mike picked them up and said that he would buy them and then whenever I was wearing them I would know that he was on my side.

Pizza gets delivered at 9:25, and the POWER GOES OUT AT 9:27. 
It finally came back on at 1am. 
In the meantime, I ate pizza by flashlight while charging up my phone using the 3 hour battery life on my computer. Which I then used to watch Hard Knocks. 

It'll be funny in a couple days. 

Favorite Heartwarming:
Shiva's silly and goofy, but after the power came back on she was super cuddly.
This set of photos is from Mike's last night, when she got in another cuddle mood,
but the chain of events is the same.
Stare down, LICK MY FACE OFF, snuggle into my armpit.


This weeks Friday Fancies was "Autumn Lust List"
fall lust list

I'll take one of each please ;)

Tell me something good, lovelies!
Have a great weekend

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  1. That necklace is a party and I want to go there. I've been browsing cape coats for my halloween costume and now I want one for real life!

  2. the cape coat is perfection - i want one!

  3. Found you via the two thirty five linkup!

    Sometimes, you just have to laugh at life, you know? A day I had a horrible migraine, my 2yo daughter wanted to go outside. And it was beautiful out! But my head hurt so.freaking.bad. It was my worst fear while pregnant - that I'd have a debilitating migraine and couldn't let her be a kid. My Mom ended up coming over as a surprise, just to say hi. (she didn't know about my migraine) I decided to step outside with my daughter and Mom and? The door locked behind us. My husband wouldn't be home for another two hours but? The fresh air helped my migraine, my daughter got to be a kid and I learned that life sometimes just MAKES you have a sense of humor, you know?

    Sorry about writing a novel on your page!

    New follower here!


  4. Love your FF look. and OMG I would have cried if someone ate my leopard flats. devastating. Have a great weekend girly!

  5. That entire FF is perfection. Beautiful.

    AND it reminded me that I got a camel cape last year and it's getting to be that time to wear it again. Wee!

  6. what a week! but you have such a cute pup! i'm lucky my dog only destroys toilet paper and not shoes

  7. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy everything on that fall list! In love with the cape, the necklace, the boots and the purse. LOVE it all!

  8. so sad that your dog ate your leopard flats!! they always destroy the things you love the most! love the hearts on your nails!

  9. Oh no! bad doggy! But cute doggy :) Love your nail hearts :)