Friday, September 28, 2012

I am blessed (Friday Mashup too!)

After Wednesday's post,
I was obviously troubled.

But, I wanted to tell you (and remind myself)
all the ways that I'm blessed.

I have -the- best parents in the history of best parents. They are always there to offer support if I need it, advice if I need it, or just a shoulder, if I need it. I can't count the times I laugh out loud while on the phone with my Dad because he's being silly, or how much better it feels to actually call mom when you need her. 

side note: Mom, is it ok if I cry when I eat your biscuits and gravy next month? Is it ok if I make you make them for me in Cali? ditto for the cornbread(andgravy) macaroni and potatoes...yeah, and treet meat. Please? Maybe peanut butter and cheese too, though, I'll just eat Dad's.

Mike is quite simply wonderful. I'm completely myself and it's great. There are no secrets, only love. I've truly learned what it's like to have someone who puts my happiness or "our" happiness over his own, and combined with my desire to do the same, it just clicks. Also, you make football bets with me and let me watch Disney movies and sing crazy songs in the car. 

Mike's parents are some of the warmest, kindest individuals I've met. They've always made me feel welcome and important and part of the conversation and it's truly made my life easier and better. Ditto on his grandparents, sisters, and extended family. The guy really hit the jackpot on the whole lot of em. 

Finally, do I need to tell you how lucky I am to have the friend's that I do? I'm not going to hunt for photos of all of them, mostly because that's ridiculous. But, whether it's 2am and we're chattering on ghcat, or I need help picking out a dress, or I need cupcake ideas or just to vent, they're there. I'll never stop being amazed at how easy the relationships are with these people, whether I've seen them a week ago or 5 years ago, as soon as we're back together, the conversations just flow and it's natural and wonderful. 

I have been blessed with much more than I deserve, and I am eternally grateful for it. 


  1. Your pictures look like you all were having so much fun!

    I have fantastic parents too. We're lucky, huh?

    Happy Friday!


  2. You're gorgeous! I love your hair! suits you well ;)