Thursday, September 20, 2012

26 in 26 update

When I wrote this post
and made this list, 
 I had no idea we'd be in California by Christmas. 
wait. gulp. we'll be in california by thanksgiving. 

Let's look at this: 

1:   Order a boat of sushi
2:   Go to a beer dinner

3:   Hold a newborn
(coming soon!)
4:   Be in a wedding (coming soon!)

5:   Attend something out of my ordinary.

   6:   Host a cocktail/dinner party
7:   Climb Cape Hatteras

8:   Reunite with the fourple
9:   Add a stamp to my passport
10:   Learn basic French 
11:   Take the GRE  (I think this one needs to go. I planned on going back to school, to give me something to do, but I don't see it happening now. )
12: Participate in a cookie exchange (no one likes stale cookies, do they?)

13: Visit Biltmore during the Festival of Flowers 

14:  Get a puppy!
15:   Can my own jam/salsa/sauce
16:   Do 12 DIY projects. (1/12)
17:   Make a 27 in 27 list.
18:   Learn a new hobby.
19:   Get to 100 beers at Flying Saucer (I can't drink 40 beers in 46 days. Well, I can, but I won't. And they dont do prizes anymore, so I don't care)

20:   Learn to unwind and relax
21:  Reduce my diet coke consumption
22:   Buy something from a home shopping channel and something from etsy.
23:    Lose 26 lbs (total)
24:    Visit a new to me tourist attraction in NC (I don't have time and my favorite tourist buddy is already in CA )

25:   Add to my tattoo collection
26:    Find the PERFECT red lipstick. 

Random Picture, because posts without pictures are LAME. 

                                                       Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

So, I need 4 new things for this year. Any ideas?


  1. hmm, I was hoping i'd get to can with you... skype canning party?
    no new ideas for you yet.

  2. Love this list.. I need to make my own!

  3. You definitely made some progress.

    Ideas: come visit me in DC! Visit a winery. Treat yourself to a spa day. purge useless items from your life (though I'm sure moving across the country is helping with that one already!)

  4. Who loves stale cookies? Troops overseas. I swear to you, nothing is more delicious than brownies that have been in the mail for 15 days. Or cookies, or rice krispy treats, or pumpkin cake, or anything made with love from a legit kitchen.. So if you wanna do a cookie exchange, I'll do a cookie exchange with you.. cause it only takes our mail 2 days. And nothing can be THAT stale in 2 days.. ;)

    Also, I was super sad that your image was actually in the preview of the movie.. Since that was definitely the best part of the entire movie. Nonetheless, great pic!

    4 new things: visit a CA winery. hit up LA (if you haven't already done this). go to Banana Leaf (it's delicious, I swear). Get a CA tag for your car (I mean, this might be mandatory, but at least that's one easy thing off your list, AND definitely a first!)

    1. Ok, now I'll definitely be shipping cookings overseas this holiday season. And HORRAY COOKIE EXCHANGE!

      I loved that part of the movie, so hilarious.

      I like your new things. :) specially the winery, we both know I love my booze